#FillTheValley at the Expense of Season Ticket Holders?

The home game against Fleetwood will be the fifth game in a row where some sort of offer has been available, previously this has given season ticket holders the right to claim additional free tickets to give to a friend, colleague, family member, or even enemy based on recent form. This time it’s a buy one get one free model. It’s a nice idea but I’ve always been a bit skeptical of these events, do they actually increase crowds in the long-term? Do they cannibalise ticket sales from standard walkups?

As each of these games effectively reduces the value of a season ticket, I wanted to try and work out the numbers. Are you better off with a season ticket? Or should you find a friend to lean on when offers are available and buy on a per game basis when they’re not?

It has worked out cheaper to buy tickets on the day so far this season if you could secure free tickets from season-ticket-holding friends!

Based on single adult prices, you’d be better off without a season ticket in Zones 1, 2, and 3 so far this season, with only Zone 4 returning any sort of saving (£3.74).

In Zone 1 the gap is largest. A standard adult ticket in Zone 1 costs £30 and the season ticket cost is equivalent to £25 per game. If a standard ticket buyer attended every game this season and used all five free tickets potentially on offer, then they would have spent £270. For the season ticket holder, the equivalent cost in the same area would’ve been £350, making the non-season ticket holder £80 better off!

Admittedly, it’s unlikely that many supporters has been to every game without a season ticket this season, but it does mildly annoy me.


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