Charlton 2: Accrington 3 – Worst Charlton Performance Ever?

Im confident tonight was the worst Charlton performance I’ve ever seen.

Presumably one of the smallest away followings in living memory.

Admittedly, football is an emotional game that lends itself to hyperbole and exaggeration but I’m struggling to think of worse. A few 2017 Slade performances come to mind but at least he was gone fairly quickly.

If (big if) Adkins isn’t sacked by tomorrow, why keep him? Money was spent on this team and surely potential relegation is far more expensive than paying off a manager.

Many understandably criticise Roddy but it’s difficult to judge him when nobody knows his exact role. Perhaps they’re right, perhaps Sandgaard is ignoring his good advice – bottom line is nobody knows.

I counted 79 Accrington fans in the away end, fair play to them for making the journey but it goes to show how far Charlton have fallen in 15 years, a third tier club with second tier aspirations

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